To come up with something novel and disruptive, you need to lead the effort. As of February 2023, Payscale lists the median wage for artificial intelligence product managers as US $150,746, with a range of around US $123,000 to US $177,000. The average salary for an AI Product Manager depends on variables such as location and experience and is often higher for AI PMs willing to lead larger teams. AI product management’s key aspects include additional input, problem mapping, and communication.

what does a head of product do

Discover effective ways for Customer Success leaders to empower their … The CPO needs to have data skills- including analytics, measurement, analysis, tracking and more. Product managers face a steady stream of situations they must learn to deal with that are outside their direct control…. Here are 4 tips on crafting an impressive resume that will impress startups and tech companies. Register for a FutureLearn account to get personalised course recommendations and offers straight to your inbox.

How to Choose the Right Product Management Leadership Styles

The salary range spectrum also depends on various other important factors like education, skills, and so on. Anyone looking to become a product lead needs to be flexible, knowledgeable, and comfortable managing multiple teams. While the role is still mostly focused on the product rather than management, it is still a leadership role. You will be expected to deliver against strategy and have one eye on the bigger picture too. A Junior Product Manager may be assigned to work on a small feature or minor area of a product’s overall development, though they’ll still receive leadership from a senior product manager. A company with many products and management layers is managed by a VP or head of product who oversees the entire product line.

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Who is a Chief Product Officer?

The metrics you set can involve deadlines, development work, budget, or other objectives. The Head of Product Management also works very closely with the engineering department, design, sales, marketing, and other departments to deliver the business’s product into the market. Thinking strategically is another important skill for a head of product. Flexibility is needed for this role since problems can arise at any moment. By strategically thinking, a head of product can remove roadblocks and ensure an efficient workflow. I help guide the direction by providing suggestions of what the destination might look like and how we might know when we get there.

By ensuring that everyone understands the problems and opportunities we need to tackle, I empower our teams to devise and deliver effective and creative solutions. It’s also part of my role to inspire everyone to think bigger and bolder than they are necessarily comfortable with and help to remove the sense of fear when taking risks is what’s required. A successful head of product must be comfortable dealing with a bit of uncertainty. The everyday workload will vary, and you need to be able to manage problems as they arise. A successful head of product will have the ability to prioritize based on what’s important at the moment.

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Some other responsibilities could include taking the initiative on product research, establishing KPIs and metrics, and finding strategic partnerships. Considering the leap from being a product manager to head of product management, but not sure what’s involved in managing product managers? The responsibilities of product leadership and the skills required are very different from those of a product manager.

Customer needs and expectations evolve with time, influence and other products. To handle this evolving requirement, it is important to build a competent profile to initiate progress in product development. This is where companies need another C-level executive to facilitate business growth via products. What makes a chief product officer (CPO) different from a CTO or a VP in the product department.

How senior product managers think differently

The CPO deals with the ‘why’ of the product- this aligns the company vision with the product direction. You can build along with product features, understand requirements, create a roadmap, fix the phases and tasks. This means creating a product with the cost-benefit analysis and other values. A CTO needs to determine which technology will make the products and services better. Chief Product officers are those who look to align product features and activities with the overall objectives and goals of the company. A CPO needs to also look to align the business goals with customer needs through products.

what does a head of product do

We are explicitly looking for people at the beginning of their career who would like to start working in the very exciting and extensive area of product management. As the head of product, marketing skills are vital since you need to communicate the value of your products. Not only do you need to be able to promote new products successfully, but you need to be able to adapt quickly to changing market demands.

This role involves effective communication and aligning the entire company on the product strategy. They work cross-functionally across teams and take on more responsibility for the product strategy and team. By focusing on your career path, product managers may find it easier to transition to higher-ranking job roles. You will apply proven methods from product management, for example in accordance with Open Product Management Workflow™, and consistently pass this knowledge on to your employees. A chief product officer is the head of the organisational structure around products.

what does a head of product do

But first, they will need to develop a strong product portfolio, build a robust skillset, and learn how to effectively manage a team. A product manager will also want to spend this time learning and working in a variety of product lifecycle stages, product marketing, product roadmap, and project management. These are strong skills to learn that will help in the role of a head of product. A head of product will have several years of experience working in a product management team.

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